JKBose 12th Class English 2017 Paper Jammu

The Jammu and Kashmir State Board of School Education formally known as JKSBSE or JK SBOSE) is the official board of school education in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. It is based in Jammu & Srinagar and is an autonomous education body under the administration of the state government of J&K. The board gives affiliation to more than 10K schools across the state and employs more than 22K teachers.

The board is engaged to determine the courses of direction and make syllabi for them, and to choose reading material for the elementary, and secondary schools and for the higher secondary (school degree) school examinations; to lead open examinations and publish the results at the secondary school and higher secondary levels; to concede diplomas or certficates/endorsements to individuals who have passed its examinations; to perceive instructive foundations at the auxiliary school and higher optional levels, and direct reviews of perceived establishments, guaranteeing that required encourages, hardware, and staff are set up, that exclusive the affirmed books and courses are instructed, and that the measures are as per the significant directions; to expel acknowledgment from schools that don’t meet the correct conditions; to administer and control the perceived organizations; and exercise different forces given to it by law.

JKBose 12th Class English 2017 Paper Jammu

eight: 400;”>(i) Discuss the message conveyed in the poem “Sunrise’.

(ii) Write the summary of the poem “When Autumn Came”.

(iii) Answer briefly any three of the following questions:

(iv) Quote two examples of double-talk from the poem “Once Upon a Time”.

(v) Give one example of simile from the poem “Punishment in Kindergarten”.

(vi) Who do you think the poet has personified autumn as? Why?

(vii) List out two symbols from the poem “After Apple-picking”.

(viii) Give an example of metaphor from the poem “Inklings from the Dark”.

Q. Explain one of the following prose passages with reference to the context:

(i) This wilderness of rock and light has not been tamed; it remains exalted, and sometime frightening. But it does not have inhuman solitariness of Antarctica or the Sahara; everywhere there are small marks of human love and prayer.

(ii) Liberty is not a personal affair only, but a social contract. It is an adjustment of interests. In matters which do not touch anyone else’s liberty of course, I may be as free I like.

Q. Explain One of the following stanzas with reference to the context:

(i) So show me, son how to laugh; show me how I used to laugh and smile Once upon a time when I was like you.

(ii) Suddenly I called to my mind my darling son—how raptly did he listen to my bed-time tale last night: When I told him of the agony of the oyster in her travails!

Section B

Q. Read the following poetic passages and answer the questions given at the end:

The words are muffled now, the laughing Face only a blur. The years have sped along, stopping briefly  At beloved halts and moving sadly on

Questions :

(i) Whose words are being referred to here?

(ii) Whose laughter is being referred to here?

(iii) What has caused the change in the words and luaughter?

(iv) How has life been to the poet since her school days?

(v) Use the word ‘blur’ in your own sentence.

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